A Breakthrough Vitamin D Study

August 19, 2009 @ 9:46 am

“Recent research had shown that vitamin D has many unexpected health benefits such as improved immune health and decreased rick of heart disease, diabetes and some kinds of cancer.  Based on a large number of clinical studies a consensus had begun to emerge that a level of 50 ng/ml of activated vitamin D in the bloodstream is neede for the full beneficial effects of vitamin D to be expressed.  No one was quite clear how much supplemental vitamin D was required to reach those optimum blood levels.  Shaklee Corporation asked Provident Clinical Research to help them determine how much supplemental vitamin D was required to reach optimal levels of vitamin D.  A regression analysis across all of the vitamin D intakes showed that 1000 IU of vitamin D was the minimum amount required to reach the 50 ng/ml threshold for optimal blood levelsl of vitamin D.  As blood levels of vitamin D increased, the levels of HDL increased and the risk of metabolic syndrome decreased.  So this study was groundbreaking in many ways.  In fact, it has been so well received by the scientific community, that the paper was accepted as soon as it was submitted without any revisions.  I’ve published lots of scientific papers in my career and I can tell you that it is very unusual for a paper to be accepted without a single revision.”  -Dr. Stephen Chaney”.  For information regarding a premium source of vitamin D click here.

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