Here’s A Challenge

April 27, 2011 @ 10:10 am

Some say there is no need for supplementing the diet with vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements.  The Metzenbaum Congressional study revealed that every age group had nutrient deficiencies below the recommended level.  The “no need for supplement” naysayers base their position on the belief that we can get all of our nutrition from food.  That statement is perhaps true but no one, according to Metzenbaum, eats properly and if we did the daily caloric intake would be more than our lifestyle could burn off.  Finally, the challenge:  Plan three well balanced meals per day based on the current food guide pyramid for one week.  Then go to your favorite grocery store and shop, on paper, for the items needed for the menus planned.  You will discover that the cost is prohibitive.  Food supplements provide nutritional insurance.  They are not a substitute for eating as well as we can.

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