Impossible reasoning!

May 3, 2016 @ 11:33 am
posted by admin

The hypocrisy of the world in which we live is impossible to understand.  We have those who advocate eating better, which is an admirable goal, but promote certified organic produce without understanding what “certified” means.  Certified means that the vegetables grown on your field ere not exposed to chemicals.  However, it does not mean the produce is chemical free.  A certified grower did not use chemicals but the field next to it might have.  There is drift that occurs when use any spray, for example.  So while we go crazy for organic produce there is evidence that states that there is no measurable health benefit to the eating of it.  Now don’t get the idea that I am for the use or the overuse of chemicals on our fruits and vegetables.  But here is the hypocracy.  Remember the Alar (sp) scare and the use of that chemical on apples.  Huge opposition.  BUT, how many of you would buy an apple with a worm hole in it?  Field run apples, some local stores carry them in season, are not all the same size or color and some will have worm holes UNLESS a spray is used.  So who is really at fault?

There is a standard above “organic”.

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